Hands-on the latest C++17 for Scientific Programming.

Welcome to the finest C++ course!

The focus of this course lies on learning beginner to advanced programming on high-performance computers, object-oriented software design, generic (template-based) programming, and the efficient implementation of numerical algorithms.

Let's first say 'Hello World!' to C++17!

C++ (GCC 9.2.0)
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Main learning goals in this awesome course can be formulated as:

  • Get a basic concepts on the programming with C++.
  • Learn how to program with modern C++, using generic programming and advanced techniques, like meta programming, expression templates, and concepts.
  • Learn how to use programming tools and you can apply these tools to debug, benchmark, and manage your code. The list of tools include compilers, build systems, version control, debuggers, and profilers.
  • You can read, understand, and utilize (scientific) software libraries, like BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines), LAPACK (Linear Algebra Package), STL (Standard template library), Boost (portable C++ library).
  • Learn how to code in HPC, using OpenMP and MPI.

There are hands-on to practice the C++ programming. Happying coding!

C++ Scientific Programming