How to install HIP on CPU?

Learn how to install HIP on CPUs.


Learn how to install HIP with CPUs. We will use an open source project called HIP-CPU. The HIP CPU Runtime is a header-only library that allows CPUs to execute unmodified HIP code. It is generic and does not assume a particular CPU vendor or architecture.


The HIP CPU Runtime enables cross-platform HIP development on multiple operating systems such as Linux, macOS on Windows, when targeting CPUs. It is a header-only C++ library that is not operating system or target specific. It does not require special compiler support, and allows the same HIP code to be written once to run (almost) everywhere.

Here goes a screencast on how to install HIP-CPU.

  • Screencast Interactive Shell

Purpose of the HIP-CPU

HIP provides porting tools which do most of the work to convert CUDA code into portable C++ code that uses the HIP APIs. Most developers will port their code from CUDA to HIP and then maintain the HIP version. HIP code provides the same performance as native CUDA code, plus the benefits of running on AMD platforms.HIP APIs and features do not map to a specific CUDA version. HIP provides a strong subset of the functionality provided in CUDA, and the hipify tools can scan code to identify any unsupported CUDA functions - this is useful for identifying the specific features required by a given application.