ROCm Device Driver Installation

ROCm Installation

OS Requirements

The system requirements for the ROCm v4.5 installation are as follows:

  • SLES15 SP3

  • RHEL 8.4 or CentOS 8.3

  • Ubuntu 18.04.5 [5.11 HWE kernel] or Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS [5.11 HWE kernel]

Installing ROCm on Linux will require superuser privileges. You must perform the following steps before installing ROCm programming models and check if the system meets all of the requirements to proceed with the installation: Confirm the system has a supported Linux distribution version, confirm the system has a ROCm-capable GPU and confirm the System Has the Required Tools and Packages Installed.

Step 1. Confirm your OS

The ROCm installation is supported only on specific Linux distributions and their kernel versions for example, ROCm installation is not supported on 32-bit operating systems.Ensure you obtain the distribution information of the system by using the following command on your system from the Command Line Interface (CLI).

Type the following command to check the kernel version of your Linux system

Confirm a ROCm-Capable GPU

To verify that your system has a ROCm-capable GPU, enter the following command from the Command Line Interface (CLI):

Bash (5.0.0)

Required Tools and Packages Installed

Verify if the wget package for downloading files from server and the gnupg2, are installed on your system using command below. For the RHEL/CentOS 7.9, you must install and configure Devtoolset-7.


Let's first go over the Ubuntu (20.04) commands:

Bash (5.0.0)
RHEL/ Centos

You must install and configure Devtoolset-7 to use RHEL/CentOS 7.9.

Bash (5.0.0)

Setup permissions for groups: Issue the following command to check the groups in your system.

Add yourself to the video group using the following instruction. For all ROCm supported operating systems, continue to use the video group. By default, you can add any future users to the video and render groups. The render group is required only for Ubuntu v20.04.

Bash (5.0.0)

To add future users to the video and render groups, run the following command:

Bash (5.0.0)

Meta-packages in ROCm Programming Models

We can use the an installer script method which automates the installation process for the AMDGPU and ROCm stack. The Installer script handles the complete installation process for ROCm, including setting up the repository, cleaning the system, updating and installing the desired drivers and meta-packages.

Ubuntu 20.04

Download and install the installer.

Bash (5.0.0)

RHEL 8.4/CentOS 8.3

Use the following command to download and install the installer on RHEL 8.4/CentOS 8.3.

Bash (5.0.0)

To install use cases specific to your requirements, use the installer amdgpu-install as follows:

Bash (5.0.0)

That's it! we now have a working ROCm/ HIP environment setup on the system. The following commands uninstall all installed ROCm packages:

Bash (5.0.0)

Video tutorial

Still don't get it? watch this video installation (non-script).

Video credit: Novaspirit Tech