Access a shell prompt and commands

Learn how to access a shell prompt and issue commands with correct syntax.


Bash shell is the default shell in Linux, which is a language and simultaneously the environment for a Linux administrator (console).

It allows users and administrators enter commands that are executed by the operating system. There are several other shells for Linux such as zsh, ksh93 and tcsh, but bash is the most common shell. If desired, you can change the default shell for individual users in the /etc/passwd file. But for sysadmin knowledge of bash shell is a must as it might be the only shell available ih case of troubleshooting. Bash shell simultaneously is a program that is invoked as part of the login process.

Access a Shell prompt

Accessing a Console:

Ctrl+Alt+Fx (x = number between 1 to 6 inclusive)
e.g., Ctrl + ALt + F3 // There are six Consoles.

You may also either go through the programs/applications menu or through the context menu accessed by clicking the desktop with the right mouse button. for this course just click on the RedHat logo below:

  • Interactive Shell

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